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Jeremy Irons Talking About The Borgias

The Borgias: An opulent and fascinating CTV/Showtime co-production chronicling the notoriously corrupt Borgia papal dynasty, starring Jeremy Irons and Colm Feore and written and directed by Neil Jordan. It is scheduled to debut sometime in the spring.

It has variously been described as a 15th-century Sopranos and The Tudors meets Rome, both of which are superficially true. But that doesn't begin to describe the stunning production and the indelible performances. All of it centred on Irons' riveting, ruthless Rodrigo Borgia, a.k.a. Pope Alexander VI.

"Well, I don't know," Irons archly demurs. "I think he's a pretty good guy just doing the best he can.

"I mean, power corrupts, you know . . . it was a time quite unlike the time we live in today. There were murders in Rome every night, poisonings most weekends. There was incest here and sodomy there . . . it was a good old rolling, rollicking society.

"And if you've got to try and run that, which the pope attempts to do, then, of course, you've got to play by some of the rules that society follows. I didn't judge him at all. I played him. I thought I was quite a good guy.

"But George Bush probably thought he was quite a good guy, too. I mean, they all do. Stalin probably liked himself. You know, it's for us to judge them, I think."


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