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Hi everyone :) I just watched Lolita and fell in love with handsome Jeremy Irons!! I wanted to ask what movie this picture is from or where I can find a bigger version of it?


Dream Casting

I confess that I am prone to bouts of dream casting for potential movies. Usually I can find a role to be played by Jeremy Irons in just about any movie. Anyone else have any recent ideas for roles that our very talented Mr. Irons could do?

My boyfriend and I have been watching DVDs of Thundercats lately and one evening we were musing about the perfect cast for a Thundercats movie. My choice for Mumm-Ra is Jeremy. I think that character needs someone with a unique voice.
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Most watched?

I noticed that Reversal of Fortune was on TV tonight and I watched a bit of it. This was my second viewing of the movie. It got me to thinking about the Irons films that I seem to watch a lot more than others. Lately The Man in the Iron Mask gets a lot of attention. What's not to love about musketeers? ^_^ Eragon comes in at a close second though, and don't ask me why but I really enjoy watching that movie.

What film of Jeremy's do you find yourself watching the most often?
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32 Bob Dylan
04 The Beatles
24 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
16 Léon the professional
10 Jeremy Irons
24 Beverly Hills 90210
16 David Strathairn
08 Sufjan Stevens
16 Serge Gainsbourg
28 Kristen Stewart
+ 4 fo-banners (dylan, harrison, sufjan & lolita)
+ 1 ♥-banner (bob dylan)

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A little question.

Hello there.

Some time ago I saw this interview with Jeremy and I can't recall who was the interviewer, but I remember Jeremy saying something about treating his children and he said that when they misbehave he yells (and he really yelled then!) "Go to your room and never, NEVER come back until I call you!"
Does anyone recall that? Anything? I'm almost sure it was deleted from YouTube the last time I checked and still remembered the interviewer's name...

I'll appreciate help. :)

Irons mines a new vein

from Maclean's (Apr 11, 1994).

He does not look like a movie star. He doesn't even look much like Jeremy Irons. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes in a Manhattan hotel room, Irons looks gaunt and grey, almost vampirish. He has dark-circled eyes and hollow cheeks. A new beard darkens the boyish delicacy of his features. He explains that he had grown it to play a Bosnian refugee in a one-hour stage play mounted near his home in Oxfordshire, England. "I wanted to scruff up," he said. "I sort of don't like having it, but people keep telling me, 'You look great in a beard,' so I thought, I'll keep it on for a while longer."

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